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“COVID has changed forever how knowledge, work/life style and talents will engage". We were once isolated, but technology enpowers our souls to bravely connect without boundary. If you are our alumni or instructors, you are always part of our community - we treasure your past trust and value your knowledge and connection. For others who are interested in joining a knowledge consultants network, please click the registration link to sign up.”

We are a pioneer of elearning and remote / flexi work for talents, and we are committed to further our success, technologies and experience with consultants and clients we work with. In addition to client projects, we also organize events to keep our knowledge momentum going: Meet-Up groups: online video or face-to-face Technology / methodology update seminar and training Flexi style project consultancy opportunities

Affiliate / Partners

Want to grow or join a business at partner or affiliated partner level but without the hazzle of building all the business and IT ground work? Our partnership / affiliate scheme enable you to build business and clients together with rich and readily built administration, finance, legal entity and technology framework

A biz / tech leader with minimum of 10 years, and usually 20 years+ solid industry experience A higher degree + professional / vendor qualification Experience in consultancy / research / project management / training & education Flexibility to commit either on FT or substantial PT basis to manage client projects and consultants Revenue & profit sharing basis - opportunity to manage your own business

Associate Consultants and Experts

Want to engage in flexible consultant career either full time or part time, or want to partner with us in projects?
Join our team if you have

a minimum 10 years+ solid biz / tech experience a related higher Degree, or degree plus further qualification / certification prior project management / consultancy / training experience passion to make changes and achieve results a desire for a flexible lifestyle yet with achievement and recognition

Your expertise + our value added =
Top consultancy / project solution!

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Data / AI / BI

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Data / ML Engineer
BI & Biz Analytics
AI / Model Developer

Tech Specialists

Cloud / Infrastructure
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Analyst / Architect
PM / Testing & QA
Security & Data Compliance

Biz & Mgt Experts

Operation & Process
CS & Customer Satisfaction
Project Mgt
Sales & Marketing

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