Boost your business with our Expert Consultants

Why use our Consultancy Services?

  • Work from outside an organisation culture and structure: more neutral and easy to be accepted
  • Functional / technical expertise to supplement internal / vendor knowledge
  • Smooth out conflicts and speed up the project progress
  • Lessor likely to be hindered by internal politics / hidden personal motivation
  • Do not carry daily operational role - will not slow down daily operation
  • Engaged with better time line focused
  • Establish project credibility w.r.t other stake holders

Why use our Managed Experts Outsourcing?

  • Free you to focus on your core competencies
  • Access to cutting-edge technologies and talents
  • Retain core staff but outsource niche/short-term specialists/developers
  • Alternative to completely reliant on tech vendor
  • Access to higher level of services & expertise than pure staff out sourcing

Why use our Tech Talents Services & Solution?

  • Our specialists and platforms ease your talents search
  • On-going training / mentor services for growth & retention
  • Overall costs saving in search, turnover and management
[Mckinsey: "there is a massive push happening to grab talent, and you may be missing out"]

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Strategy Advisory
Product / Market
Global / Overseas
Reporting / Analysis
Funding / pre-IPO
HR & Talents
Recruit / Search
Talents Analytics
Train & Dev /Mentor
Org, Culture, Team
Marketing, CRM
Online / Social Media
CS Quality
Sales Process
CRM Process
eBiz & Operation
Operation Mgt
Process / Product
/ Service Quality
OR & Optimization
eBiz & eComm
Cloud & Infra
Deploy & Migration
Private/ Multi Cloud
Integration, Compliance
Data Center Mgt
Software & App
Developer/ Dev Op
Cloud, Mobile, Web
Database / UI
QA, Testing, PM
Analytics & ML
AI & Machine Learning
BI & Analytics
Data & Decision Science
Data Engineering

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