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Proceed to fuether BCS options and achieve British Computer Society Assoicate Member and BCS Diploma (recongnized at Higher Diploma level)
Internal Award
External Examination
Diploma part 1 & 2 (pre-HD)
Diploma in Computing and
Information Systems from ABRS
CIE Module 1 & 2
BCS Foundation / CIE Module 3 & 4
BCS Otpions
BCS Diploma / AMBCS

Diploma in Computing
The Diploma in Computing recognises a candidate's competence in programming and using computer systems. This Award has been developed specifically for the international market, recognising the growing importance of employees working across geographic and cultural borders.

Assessment Objectives

Type of Assessment
Advanced certificate
Written paper
Structured practical
Full Diploma
Written paper
Impact of Computing in a range of application, understanding of the computer systems (hardware, software and communication)
Various forms of data organisation and processing to support the Information requirements of a particular application.
The systematic development of high quality solutions to problems and the techniques appropriate for implementing such solutions.
Analyses a problem and identity the parts which are appropriate for a computer-based solution.
Select, justify and apply appropriate techniques and principles to develop data structures and algorithms for the solution of problems.
Design, implement and document an effective solution using appropriate hardware and software.