MSc Finance and Investment Analysis

In collaboration with the University of Greenwich, UK

Programme from London & HK

Finance and Investment Analysis

Reg. No.: 251847

......with CFA® Concentration

Highlights of this Master of Science Program

  • This is Finance & Investment Program with good fous on performance Analysis

  • Part-time program in intensive mode

  • Weekend class mode (with some weekday evening classes)

  • For amateur and specialist

  • Advanced contemporary program in finance

  • Concurrently conducted in Hong Kong and London financial centres

  • Developed from university’s long-established suite of Masters programs in the Finance area

  • Contents focus strongly on building the knowledge and skills needed for a career in finance industry

  • Students will gain a strong underpinning in the syllabus of the internationally recognized CFA® qualification

Less Qualified/
No Finance Experience
applicants may consider
to enroll in our Executive Diploma Perform
in financial management before taking
the MSc Program

The CFA® Designation
The CFA® designation is a internationally recognized qualification for finance and investment professionals, particularly in the fields of investment management and financial analysis of stocks, bonds and their derivative assets, portfolio management and financial analysis.

Fact Figures of CFA®
From 1963 to 2006, approximately 78,000 people from at least 126 different countries have been awarded the right to use the CFA® designation, 68,000 of them in the years since 1990.

Program Aims

  • To provide an intellectually demanding and comprehensive study of key finance concepts
  • To equip students with the intellectual and practical skills as required by the finance industry
  • To help students prepare for Level One and Two of the prestigious CFA® qualification

Course Structure

  Financial Management

  Financial Markets & Risk

  Investment Management

  Financial Analysis & Investment

  Research Methods for Finance & Accounting

  Foundation of Scholship

A Career Advancement Program for Amateur and Specialist

Unique Program Features

  • A financial investment focused program with individual and institutional investor perspectives

  • A competency oriented program converting an amateur and specialist in financial and investment expect

  • A career advancement program focusing on professional qualifications and international practice

  • Integrating good practices from the financial centre of London and Hong Kong

  • Enlightened by top financial guests from Global Financial Centres

  • Incorporated significant proportion of the CBOK from CFA®

  • Prestige international program concurrently running in London and Hong Kong

A Fast Track - Your Career in Finance

Financial Career with Master’s Degree

Our Approach

  • This master's degree is an academic degree granted to individuals who have undergone study demonstrating a mastery and summit overview on finance and investment analysis in professional practice.

  • Taught by our professors and instructors with particular research interests, significant achievements and practical experience in financial and investment industry.

  • Syllabus is designed and incorporated significant proportion of the CBOK from CFA®

 What You Benefit

  • Our MSc helps to advance students overall skill-set and allows them to put in to practice very early in a professional manner; it allows students get great head start and gain confidence, more than just textbook knowledge. Students learn from classmates with different personalities, cultures and rich practical experience through simulated cases and exercises.

  • Graduates possess advanced knowledge with good theoretical foundation on applied topics, expert in analysis, critical evaluation; ability to solve complex problems with rigorous and independent thinking.

  • Master Degree graduates with mature characters give multinational employers good confidence in mastering their products and customers

  • Know More

Academically rigorous and aligned closely to professional practice

Who Can Apply?

  • Possession of an undergraduate degree from an accredited university, OR

  • Possession of Accounting Professional Body Examinations (Partial completion will be considered individually), OR

  • Mature practicing professionals with suitable experience without undergraduate degree (Case by case basis), OR

  • Other equivalent qualifications

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