Computing and Information System
Advanced Diploma   

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(IMIS  UK Higher Diploma Syllabus)


Course  Content  /  Annual  Sequence !

The program prepares for 6 IMIS HD papers being: H13 Systems Analysis & Design, H14 Applications Development, H15 Networking, H16 Software Engineering, H17 Management of Information Systems and H18 Business Information Technology  

Spring Term: Information System Design and System Development: Computer Audit, IS Analysis and Design, Project Management & IT, Exam Tutorials

Summer Term: Techniques of Information Processing, Computer System and Technologies, MIS

Autumn Term: Network Analysis/Design, Software and Advanced Programming,  Exam Tutorials

 Commencing: Feb, July & Oct annually (Normally two class sessions per week).

 Fee  Schedule: (Registration fee $200 plus)

1st Payment 2nd Payment 3rd Payment Total
$5,500 $5,700 $5,700 $17,100*

  (*Include internal examinations) External examination / award / exemption fees are not included 

(The information contained is for reference and is subject to change. Confirmed fee and program information will be provided to each registered student upon/prior to program commencement)

#ED Reg 250 258 Final Year Only It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualifications to which the course may lead to.

Programme  Entry  Requirement

 i) A IMIS/Polytechnic /TI / NCC Diploma, or a 2 year IVE/C&G Certificate in IT related subjects (w/ Software Development & Networking content) (or equivalent training) plus at least 2 years' "professional computing" experience (incl. some programming knowledge)

 ii) Exceptionally aged 25 or above with over 4 years' professional IT experience and other related training/certifications  (eg MCSE/MCSD/CCNA/CNE..) may be considered

 iii) Other combination of qualification considered to be equivalent

 iv) Those who do not meet the requirement in 1) above may be required to undertake additional Diploma level courses

 Internal Award

You will be  awarded an Advanced Diploma in Computing and Information System  from ABRS after successfully passing  all six papers.  Candidates may resit a failed paper at a fee after each unsuccessful attempt.

Advancement  Path

The following advancement is open to candidates who have successfully completed the IMIS HD

i) Greenwich University  B.Sc.

ii) 2nd/3rd year B.Sc. entry (eg. London University 2nd year, Open University credit exemption) and 2 year M.Sc. entry in various universities

iii) University of Wollongong Master Degrees provided the candidate has at least 5 years professional It experience.

Remarks :

Internal Re-Exam Fee : HK$ 400 @ paper

IMIS Exemption Fee : 30 @ paper

IMIS Membership Fee:

Student Application Fee: 30

Annual Subscription Fee : 35

(for reference only and is subject to change)


-          Advancement and syllabus Information may be subject to change by concerned institutes.

-          External exemption policy may be varied and reviewed by the concerned institute.

The program is solely conducted by conducted at ABRS Centre for Professional Development.  It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualifications to which the course may lead to.