Incorporating with Institute of Administrative Management (UK) Syllabus

Advanced Diploma in Business and Administrative Management

可申請入讀英國格林威治大學(University of Greenwich)的 BA (Hons) 商業行政管理學位 Final Year

Program Highlights:

  • IAM Accredited Centre is a non-profit organization promoting best practice in Management and Administration since 1915
  • Improved both personal and organisational skills through a systematic approach to Professional Development
  • Achieved an award from IAM (Advanced Diploma), the leading internationally recognised organisation
  • One year programme to prepare for internal and external examinations
  • Acceptance towards various Bachelor degrees with advanced standing or entry to Postgraduate degrees

  Module Name

 Administration Management of Resources


 Strategic Issues in Administration


 Administrative Systems in the Organization


 Human Resource Management & Practice

5  Managing Marketing
6  Case Study


Entry Requirement(s):

  1. Candidates aged over 25 years old and with 4 years managerial / supervisory experience plus suitable education background may be admitted subject to approvale
  2. Higher Diploma or equivalent in non-business fields with 3 years appropriate work experience
  3. HK IVE Diploma, Higher Certificate or Associate Degree (qualified in related field)
  4. A recognized university degree or equivalent in ANY disciplines
  5. Student with other EQUIVALENT qualifications may also be considered


5 modules and 1 case study to be completed in 12 months

Enquiry (報名及查詢):
We will have more Information Sessions coming up, please contact us on 2598 4811.