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The University of Greenwich is a major modern UK university. The university aims to combine the best of the “old” and “new” university traditions, combining strong regional links and a mission for access and lifelong learning with research excellence and an international role. The university has achieved considerable growth in the last decade. Student numbers have increased to a total of 18,250 in 2002. Income has also grown; turnover is close to £100 million. With an annual income of over £20 million for research and consultancy, Greenwich is the top-ranking new university.
“World’s Famous University. University of Greenwich has recently been featured in China Central Television (CCTV) as one of the World's Famous Universities.
“The University won two consecutive Queen’s Anniversary Prize's for Higher and Further Education in 2000 and 2002.
“The University of Greenwich has the largest concentration of business network analysts in the UK. The world’s leading social network analysis software, UCINET, was developed by Martin Everett here, in association with Steve Borgatti at Boston College and Lin Freeman at UC Irvine.

The Business School is a part of the University of Greenwich, founded in the late 19th century. We are located at the heart of business activities in London. The School draws specialised staff from around the world and has a growing research presence at national and international level. Within the school there are a number of research groups devoted to particular areas of business research, including International Business and Strategy and emerging specialist expertise in business network research. Business school staff have carried out applied research for a range of organisations including the DfEE, the Construction Industry Training Board, Skills for the Millennium, the French Construction Ministry, the Office of Manpower Economics, the Low Pay Commission Secretariat, the TUC, the MSF trade union and the Housing Corporation.

The Business School has over 3,000 students and around 100 academic staff, occupies one of the historic buildings planned by Sir Christopher Wren. Its main aims are: –

  • To provide both undergraduate and postgraduate students with a high quality education which is practically based in the current world of business.

  • To provide student support in other areas of student life to assist the learning process
Enable students to focus their attention on the learning process and the process of developing their skills.

Why study with us
The Business School is the first step in your business career. With strong links to professional bodies, employers at home and abroad, and staff with a wealth of commercial experience, we are able to give you the practical, vocational and academic skills to solve business problems and help launch your career.


The Business School has an active research programme spanning all aspects of business and management – including work and employment, finance, marketing and operations management. The Work and Employment Research Unit has recently completed research projects for the NHS, ACAS and the low pay commission. In January 2003 work commenced on a prestigious project sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council concerned with routes to advice and representation for un-organised workers. Research in the area of finance has looked especially at changes to banking practices in economies in transformation. In the field of marketing, work is in progress on the customer exit process in the not for profit sector. In the area of heritage management there is a growing volume of activity around visitor numbers and experience in major tourist attractions. Finally, the field of knowledge management has been attracting growing attention and the university is part of European network exploring communities of practice.

Links with professional associations and employers
We have close links with local employers and professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute of Bankers (CIB), the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

All commercial and non-commercial organisations have accounting and finance departments. Job opportunities for graduates can therefore be found in all sectors including industrial, commercial and service companies, the financial services sector, the public sector, non-profit making organisations and public practice with firms of Certified or Chartered Accountants.

The first year
introduces the basic aspects of business essential to developing a high level of academic and professional competence for accounting students. The courses cover financial accounting, cost accounting, organisational behaviour, business skills, quantitative techniques and economics.

The second year
comprises courses covering advanced financial and management accounting, business and company law, accounting information systems and an optional course (such as taxation, research methods, e-commerce or advanced economics).

The final year consists of courses that cover business and financial strategy, current issues in management and financial accounting, financial management and an option (such as auditing, small business management or undertaking a research project). The options allow students to tailor studies towards their intended career.

Program Structure
The One year Bachelor Degree (Hons) in Accounting and Finance is awarded by University of Greenwich in UK. The program consists of 4 modules. The core of the program will be the financial accounting and management accounting with intention to lead graduates to follow a professional qualification in the future. The 4 modules are: –

  • Finance (30 credit points)
  • Current Issues in Accounting (30 credit points)
  • Strategic Financial Management (30 credit points)
  • Auditing (30 credit points)
This one year BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance program consists of face-to-face instructor-led lectures, assignments and examinations. The BA degree is one of the most prestige and well established program in University of Greenwich. It continues to attract high numbers of students.