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Vintage of Expertise  Serving Talents

Baytalents is a collaborative talents platform of ABRS Ascendere group. ABRS is a long-standing talents and knowledge training / education company with over 25 years experience in IT and Business Management training and education, dating back to British Colonial Times before 1997. We pioneered training in Linux, C, Novell LAN, IBM AS/400, Oracle and Microsoft products as well as a range of professional IT qualifications and certification such as BCS/ICCP/PMI/CISA. In 1997, a group of Gurkha soldiers came to us for a 3 month IT conversion program to start a new chapter of their life in Hong Kong after handover to China.

Ascendere was established in 2015 to further the talents opportunities. In response to the various talents initiatives of the Hong Kong Government of SAR in late 2022, Baytalents platform was launched to facilitate as a gateway for exchange of tech talents resources between Hong Kong and the Greater BayArea area, as well as other Asia Pacific regions.

Our rich experience and client base spanned across Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Our talents consultants are all seasoned and senior IT experts and managers with in-depth knowledge of both the tech and business domains. Our mission is to connect local and foreign tech talents to HK's tech-savvy enterprises and opportunities. Whether you want to find a job, start a tech business, join a remote team, our consultants can guide you to a easy take off and fast landing.

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Hong Kong, Greater Bay Area and Tech Talents
Although Hong Kong ranked last in tech manufacturing amongst the four Asian Dragons, it serves as the regional headquarters for many tech firms and has a high demand for IT professionals. The banking and Fintech sectors also have a huge demand for both young and senior tech pros. In 2019 the Chinese Government announced the Greater Bay Area development plan. This ambitious goal foresees a linkage of the nine cities in Guangdong province's Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong and Macau into an economically integrated world-class business and tech hub. The GBA initiative and the influx of Chinese tech companies to seek listing in Hong Kong (including many already listed in NASDAQ) triggered a new wave of tech start-ups and talents chase.

Foreign MNCs always use Hong Kong as a regional hub for Greater China (Mainland, HK/Macau, Taiwan). Big Blue IBM first established Hong Kong office in 1960, and all top 10 NASDAQ companies have sizable presence here. The post COVID 19 talents shortage and proliferation of cloud and remote computing unveil a new wave of upward or lateral mobility for tech professionals, and also opportunities for remote talents. Many MNCs and local companies are sourcing talents from places like India, The Philippines or GBA region.

Non-local Talents

  1. Top Universities Graduate Talents (TTPS Top Talents Pass Scheme): Degree graduates of Top 100 World Universities compiled by the immigration department of Hong Kong either a) with 3 years work experience, or b) with lessor experience but subject to a quota
    Notes: PRC (mainland) nationals who has resided overseas for over one year may also apply.
  2. Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP) In general, mainland talents and professionals who possess special skills and knowledge or experience of value to and not readily available or in shortage locally may apply subject to employer nomination and application.
  3. Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS): The Scheme seeks to attract highly skilled or talented persons to settle in Hong Kong in order to enhance Hong Kong's economic competitiveness. All applicants are required to fulfill a set of prerequisites before they can be awarded points under one of the two points-based tests but without employer nomination or contract.
  4. General Employment Policy (GEP) as Professionals: The Scheme seeks to attract highly skilled or talented persons to settle in Hong Kong in order to enhance Hong Kong's economic competitiveness, subject to employment contract and normally no less than HK$30,000 (approx USD3,800) monthly salary.
  5. Remote Site / Work: There are increasing opportunities for remote work / project or remote centre position in Hong Kong, or within BayArea region so that you dont leave your home town permanently but take up the challenges and grow with us.
Local Talents

  • Local Career Advancement: We offer various services (from elearning, meet-up seminars to agency services to help you seek position of challenges with local enterprises or vendors.
  • GBA Regional Venture: For those who aspire to turn their knowledge into business, we also offer turn-key services (including premises, recruitment, strategy advisory, partner matching, funding and legal services) to help achieve your dream.
  • Global Career Opportunities: We also provide turn-key career / migration services for local talents those who want to seek global opportunities in Australia, Singapore, UK or USA.

If you have at least 3-5 years+ solid tech experience in one of the tech domains and possess excellent communication and task / project management skills, talk to us now!

Enterprise Recruiters 
BayTalents is your global talents partner!

Don't risk your business with lagging technologies and talents!

For most businesses, each segment of business flows can easily be disrupted by change of technologies, whether mobile / social media / cloud / AI.... Outdated technologies or lack of tech-savvy talents is going to cause your business a lot sooner than your expect:

- frustrating / outdated business flow
- poor image because of faulty or outdated technology
- escalating human / payroll cost due to turnover or manual procedures
- constant fire-fighting with human and IT bugs
- compliance and legal risk, including legal, data and privacy control issues
- lost business opportunities due to poor CRM or incompetence in eMarketing or
- blurred business / management vision due to lack of decision / data intelligence or overload in mundane task management

On the other hand, managing and sourcing tech professionals is a difficult task because the individual and technical skills, task output and ROI are all fundamentally difficult to measure, and challenging to manage. Most HR professionals, and even tech managers find great challenge in recruiting and on-going assessment. Also in addition to the core development or project outsource, you also need extra talents and experts for initiative, deployment and upgrade..

We assist you to source talents outside the traditional avenues:

- Regional Talents
- Remote Team
- Remote Centre
- Recruitment / Hiring service and AI/Data analytics

Traditional ways of talents acquisition or outsourcing may also be outdated or ineffective. Adopting a more flexible and analytic approach will save you a lot of headaches. From talents sourcing, evaluation, on-boarding and on-going mentoring, we are here to help. In addition, remote talents now have become a huge pool of untapped expertise that can't be overlooked. Talk to us - our experienced IT talents consultants with rich experience in dealing with talents local or remote.

Whether you are looking for mainland talents from Greater Bay Area, bi-linguals from Malaysia/Singapore, or English speaking profesionals from India, Philippines, Australia, we have database and consultants network that can help.