The University of Greenwich


School of Computing & Mathematical Sciences

MSc Information Systems Management

(Deliver at ABRS Hong Kong)


The courses on the collaborative MSc ISM delivered off-campus are the same as those validated on the MSc ISM delivered on-campus at Greenwich. All courses with the exception of Project and Research Methods, are 15 credits. The collaborative MSc ISM programme consists of the following courses:



Compulsory Modules


Audit and Security (15 credits)                                     



Information, Methods, and Culture(15 credits)                           



Systems Planning and Management(15 credits)             



Internet & Intranet Technologies (Enterprise Systems) (15 credits)



Systems Modelling(15 credits)                                                  



Strategic IT in e-Business(15 credits)                                       



Strategic IT in e-Marketing(15 credits)                                     


Either one of below Module


Data Warehousing(15 credits)                                                  



Internet & Web Technologies (Open Source Systems) (15 credits)


Individual Project with Supervision


Research Methods &                                                   

Project  (total 45 credits)                                            




A total of 180 credits is required to obtain a Masters degree. Students must take EIGHT 15-credit courses totaling 120 credits PLUS the 45-credit project AND the 15-credit course Research Methods.


Students who gain the full 180 credits will be eligible for the award of MSc ISM.


HK Programme Operator -  ABRS  Professional  Learning  Services : for further information


Mr. Roy Ching / Mr. Kylex Chan (Tel 2833 9612),  Mr. Bernard Chan (Direct 2833 9604),  Ms. Eva Lau (Tel 2833 9607) at ABRS Professional Learning Services at 4/F ChinaChem Johnston Plaza, 178 Johnston Road, Hong Kong (M-F 9:30am-8:00pm, Sat 9:00am-5:00pm)

Email:, or or


The information stated here is for reference only and is subject to change.  UGW MSc ISM EMB Registration 251417.  It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognised any qualifications to which the courses may lead to.





1.                  Program Completion Time The minimum completion time is 15 months

      and the maximum is FOUR years.


2.                  Class Hours Approximate 210 total hours of scheduled lectures,

      tutorials, student group discussion/projects supervision.


3.                  Assessment Each module will have one or more assignments and one

      examination. The total passing mark is 40 for each module.


4.                  Course Schedule Normally ONE module to be completed in a TWO

      months term.


      Typically the classes will be scheduled


a)      Weekly  mode: a number of half day / 3 hour sessions  at  weekends (Sat

   PM, Sun AM) , or  one weekday evenings after 7:00pm by local tutors.


b)      Occasional Intensive Mode (overseas tutor) one week course plus local



Typical Quarterly Schedule


No. of Subjects




Saturday PM, or Sunday AM plus one evening

weekends on weekly basis


5.                  Class Venues Classes will be normally be held at:


a)      ABRS Centres at Wanchai with full computer / video projection  

   facilities, and supplemented by


b)      For occasional large class lecture, University of Hong Kong Lecture Hall

   or other hotel venues in Hong Kong.


6.                  Course Tutors - Local tutors, overseas tutors and industrial guest   



7.                  Library Access A learning support centre with reference books and  

      computing facilities is available from ABRS at a fee.


8.                  Core Text Books To be separately purchased by students.


Examinations, Award & Advancement

University examinations are held during June and December each year. Each subject is assessed through a 1 to 3 hours examination plus continuous assessment. The Master degree MSc Information Systems Management will be awarded for those who pass all required subjects and other general requirement.


Admission Requirement


A good first degree from a recognized university locally or overseas, or


Practicing IT professionals without a first degree but with appropriate prior qualifications and relevant working experience of no less than 7 years of relevant work experience, and


Acceptable English Proficiency at GCE O level or equivalent via prior education is required.



Next Commencement: Mar, Jun, Sep, Dec Annually

(tutorial seminars will normally be scheduled on either weekday evenings or weekends)

Applicants should apply prior to the specified deadline to allow for study package and admission processing. Late application will cause delay or surcharge in study package processing.





Application Fee:           HK$300


Reservation Fee:           HK$1,000 payable together with application fee

(the fee is refundable only if not accepted and the fee received will apply toward the course tuition)


Course Tuition Fee:        HK$76,000 by 4 instalments, plus project supervision fee of HK$3,000


Module HK$19,000 per module (2-3 months each) The first instalment is    payable upon provisional acceptance of your application and the rest of instalments are payable 30 days prior to commencement of that semester respectively.




Examination Fee:           HK$200 per module; a total of 8 modules


ABRS / VTC Library Card:   HK$350 per year


Deferral Fee:              HK$500 per deferral; Students may apply for deferral of study subject to approval of ABRS and University of Greenwich  for acceptable unforeseen circumstances with proof. On resumption of study (which is only subject to course availability), students may take the deferred subject (or portion of subject) with an administrative fee of HK$500 per module, and with any additional surcharge to cover any increase in tuition fee.  ABRS / GW are not liable for non-availability of deferred course and no refund will be made.



Refund Condition:          Application fee HK$300 is NOT refundable. A refund of fee paid for the coming semester less HK$1,000 will be made if the applicant informs ABRS at least 7 days prior to program / semester commencement and shows that unforeseen circumstances outside his / her control shall render him/her unable to effectively participate in the program in the forthcoming semester. No refund, other than circumstances on compassionate grounds, will be made after 7 days prior to program / semester commencement.


If the course is withdrawn or not offered, all fees paid less application fee will be refunded.


Additional Refund Policy Special Compassionate Refund Consideration: For unforeseen and proven severe illness or disastrous and uncontrollable hardship conditions, students may  apply to ABRS and the University for special withdrawal with refund (on pro-rata  basis and less any materials cost)  subject  to final approval  of  ABRS and the University on a case by case basis.