e live in a world increasingly dependent upon the use of technology and information. The art of representing information by technology is fast becoming an inexact and blurred science. The Information Engineer of the future must be equipped with the appropriate skills to meet these challenges. Managing various aspects of information systems used by companies is one of the key skills required by computing and IT specialists. The ISM postgraduate programme aims to provide students with sound knowledge of planning and control of information systems. It will give students the skills and knowledge of tools to build effective systems incorporating databases and front end, web based technologies.
The ISM MSc programme also aims to develop the ability of students to critically analyse information and effectively use methods to understand information and information systems. In addition, it will enable students to make informed decisions concerning the use of information systems in a business environment.

Program Conent:-
The following is an indication of current programme content. However, the rapidly changing nature of the subject area means that both the courses offered, and individual course content, may vary in future years.

Courses Modules:
Audit & Security
• Information , Methods & Culture
• Systems Planning & Management
• Internet & Intranet Technologies (Enterprise Systems)
• Systems Modelling
• Strategic IT in e-Business
• Strategic IT in e-Marketing
• Data Warehousing

Project / Dissertation